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Lockdown Selfie, why not?

In South Africa we are entering our 7th week of COVID-lockdown and I am missing all my clients and taking their shoots and weddings so I decided to do a self-portrait session and it went like this...

Got all dressed up with a hat of course, did a TikTok of me getting ready, as this is now a daily thing, set up my camera on a tripod and used a mirror to help focus and take creative self-portraits and voila...

Professional Photographer in Pretoria
Professional Photographer in Pretoria

I must say it felt a little strange. not talking out loud and directing a 'client' during my shoot but it was also fun to see the outcome...sometimes it's necessary to take selfies and remind yourself how much you love yourself!

It would have been easier using a bluetooth device or remote but since we can't order those during lockdown I had to improvise and did a few takes every 10sec during the self-timer.

Pretoria Headshots Photographer
Pretoria Headshots Photographer

What do you think? leave your comments...

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