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48 hr till we COVID-19 ELOPE

Their wedding was cancelled 2 days before their original date...BUT they still got married!

It's a Friday morning early and I get a phone call from a very concerned bride (at that moment not yet my client). She says in a very concerned voice: "My wedding was suppose to take place tomorrow and now it's postponed but we still want to get married...can you please help capture our ceremony?"

I was shocked and sad when I heard her story but also felt all the strong love this couple has for each other, so much that they still wanted to tie the knot, become husband and wife on their wedding day. Just one week earlier, in the early stages of South Africa's Corona pandemic, weddings were still allowed to take place but with a limit of 50 people and no alchohol after all changed very soon when just one week after Martin & Melissa eloped, we were in Lockdown...

I believe God planned all of this to work out perfectly, just see all these blessings:

As a wedding photographer during COVID pandemic, where all my weddings have already been postponed and income is a concern, God blessed me with a job, an unusual yet beautiful one with this Corona elopement. The couple's original wedding photographer was no longer available and I was the first photographer the bride phoned and I was so happy that I was able to help them in this desperate time.

Never having met the couple before, I arrived at the wedding, realising the groom is an old school friend of my brother's and that made the wedding feel so much more personal to me. I can carry on with how great God was for this couple....and I will. It also looked like it was going to rain during their beautiful garden wedding but it didn't and last work, this passionate couple's elopement got featured on one of the biggest bridal blogs....


Wow if it isn't enough that I was able to help capture this beautiful couple's COVID-19 elopement, I got featured in one of the biggest bridal magazine's online platform - BRIDES

Melissa & Martin's experience:

"I will never be able to thank Alexis Muntz Photography enough for being our saving grace and such a wonderful presence at our impromptu, last minute wedding ceremony.

After over a year of planning our special day, my now husband and I were informed that we would have to postpone, with only 2 days left on our countdown. While in a spiral of emotions and tears, we decided to stay strong and still have an small, intimate ceremony, surrounded by only our closest friends and family.

Our original vendors were no longer available on such short notice, for what would seem like such a small and unglamorous event, but knowing what I know now, I am thankful. I am thankful, because I strongly feel that Alexis was exactly what we needed on this chaotic yet beautiful occasion. She was extremely eager to show up, help out and support us around every corner. She made us feel relaxed and constantly reminded us to enjoy every moment of this day.

I highly recommend Alexis Muntz Photography for any occasion worth capturing, as she will not only capture it beautifully, but will make it beyond memorable."

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